Every single tragedy that has happened over the last few years has been met with various versions of ‘pray for ____” in an artistically designed square all over Instagram. Yesterday, the #prayforlasvegas hashtag was trending after a mass shooting claimed over 50 lives at an outdoor concert. I wonder how many are sharing these sentiments because they don’t know what else to do and posting a selfie in the midst of this seems tone-deaf.

We all feel so overwhelmed with heartbreak and saying something is the only thing we feel we can do. Acknowledging the hate and speaking out against it has value, sure. I even believe that prayers are welcome. I personally have prayed outcries to God for hope and healing for those who were affected. I’ve asked for personal understanding in this confusion and peace for my troubled heart. But I’ve also prayed for change. I’ve prayed that those in legislative power would open their eyes and see the people around them who need laws and protections. I’ve prayed that we take a stand. I’ve prayed that hearts would be moved and tables be turned over in instances of righteous greed.

I believe that God works through people and your action is actually the answer to someone’s prayers. So, it’s not enough to pray and dust your hands of any action. What exactly are you praying for?

  • Are you praying that God would heal those hurt? Get yourself to a blood bank. Even if you don’t live in Nevada, surrounding areas’ blood banks are supporting the need and I’m sure there is a need in your community regardless. Visit United Blood Services 
  • Are you praying that the gun violence would stop? Call your Senators and advocate for common sense gun laws and legislation. Even now, there is dangerous legislation on the table that will make strip gun silencer safety requirements. Speak up. Visit Everytown
  • Are you praying for restoration and peace for the victims’ families? Support their relief fund. Funds will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families. Visit Go Fund Me

So please, by all means, pray. Seek God. Ask him to bring restoration, but also understand that you might actually be a part of his restorative plan. Claim your space in that. Offer your prayers and when you get up off your knees, go do something.