Hey Strangers!

Guess what? I blogged. I did it someplace else, but it still counts right?

Somewhere along the way in this career of mine I gained some knowledge about some stuff and now people want me to talk about what I know. I know stuff about stuff.


In an effort to help build helpful content for a community of women writers and build the SheWrites platform, I’ve started blogging over at SheWrites.com. Ever heard of it? No, well it’s your lucky day. It’s pretty simple actually. Are you a lady? Do you write? Yes and yes? Well, SheWrites is for you. It’s a community of women writers who share their stories with other women writers in this beautiful and supportive forum. You don’t have to be published or write professionally to join, anyone who considers themselves to be a writer is welcome. Many of the ladies over there are authors, aspiring authors, or have written professionally, so there are tons of great nuggets to snag up from the best in the business. You can put your stuff out there, connect with other like minded lady friends, and you never know… maybe one day SheWrites Press will publish your words. SO LEGIT!

Anyways, my recent blog post is being featured over on the home page, so if you’re interested in the importance of a great author headshot, I have some knowledge to send your way. Many of the principals apply to other types of headshots, so you should wander over there regardless.

Let me know if you join the SheWrites community so I can pop over, say hey, and connect with you there.