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Chicks Who Give a Hoot is a movement. It's a collective. It's a journey. It's a place to inspire creative women to use their collective power for good. I believe that women possess a unique ability to drive change. I believe that we're wired to care about the world around us and we have immense influence. The question is then, how do we use that power and influence to change the wrongs we see in the world.

While we aren't affiliated with any political party or religious ideology, we do have some rules:


Invite conversations, embrace diversity, ask questions, love our neighbor, seek to grow, serve others.


Marginalize others, support hateful rhetoric, condone violence.


I hope you'll find resources and inspiration in this space. I hope you'll find yourself coming back again and again. I hope you'll see yourself as a Chick Who Gives a Hoot. 


Here are the ladies that make up the Chicks Who Give a Hoot Team. If you're interested in becoming a contributor, please visit our contributors page.

Sara Chambers
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Sara Chambers is a writer, photographer, and designer doing her best to live a creative life in the desert with her energetic toddler and handsome husband. She loves collaborating, community, and coffee. Alliteration is clearly her favorite literary device and she's a fierce advocate for the oxford comma. She's the founder of Chicks Who Give a Hoot and hosts the weekly podcast where she gets to interview incredible women and share their inspiring stories with her listeners. Her time working in non-profit has led her to a passion for social justice, women's rights, and the arts. She's driven by the belief that women are influencers and she's out to empower them to get involved, be change, and do good.

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Kellie Cornelison

Kellie has been a barista, an actress, restaurant manager, and a personal trainer. She currently rests in her roles of wife and mother. You can find her exploring Washington D.C. with her family, riding a bike, or reading & writing in nearby coffee shops in Arlington. Her heart is to champion women and encourage them in their faith. She’s new to the blogosphere and writing world and hopes her words only magnify God’s grace and truth.

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Laura Ellen
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Laura Ellen teaches food-sneakers, chronic dieters, and sugar addicts how to live confidently with food by leveraging their human nature instead of fighting it. She is a diet and fitness industry escapee and a gratefully recovered secret binge eater. In 2015, she completed her BS in Nutritional Science, and has certifications in Ayurveda, Life Coaching, and Personal Training. Her favorite way to spend a weekend afternoon in Baltimore, MD is on the rooftop with a glass of tequila next to her boyfriend and their bulldog named Jamaica.

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Diana Martinez

Diana Martinez is a Phoenix native and writer. After studying journalism and working in newspapers, she made the switch to advertising in 2013 and hasn't looked back since. In that time she's crafted messaging for up-and-coming brands, produced commercials, sketched out websites and finds the most success in connecting to people through language. These days she enjoys writing and performing creative non-fiction, working out, taking care of her house plants and learning as much as she can about women's and social justice issues.

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Kristin Bustamante
Kristin is a creator, a writer, a mom and a taco aficionado. With clients ranging from global brands to local startups, she enjoys helping others discover and share their stories in creative, authentic ways. She's the Chief Content Officer for SparkPoint Studio, a female-led digital agency specializing in publicity and publishing. She's passionate about raising two small humans, working with her hands and taking the road less traveled (literally, ask her about Cherry, AZ).
Christina Morris Irvin
Christina CROPPED

Christina is a writer, entrepreneur and creative. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her handsome husband, Eric, and one-eyed, blind pup, Popeye. She’s a true empath, and her journey with anxiety and depression combined with her passion for supporting others led her to found (en)courage with her best friend. An avid reader, she is constantly looking for new stories to sink her teeth into. She’s a passionate human who loves traveling, doing good and spreading joy. She will never pass up a good matcha latte or a chance to watch Harry Potter!

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Elle Stevens

Elle is a sensitive and compassionate lover of literature, decent wine, and philosophical conversation. She works as a 6th grade teacher, hoping to help cultivate young minds and direct young hearts. She finds her roles as working wife and mother to be both fulfilling and challenging, continuously keeping her on her toes. She has a strong desire to positively impact the world, while maintaining a sense of realism and honesty. Fluent in sarcasm, she writes with abandon, hoping one day it helps others like her connect and feel less alone. Bringing women together is something that brings joy to her heart, and peace to her mind.

Elle is happiest finding time to connect with her tribe of soul sisters and at home snuggling her husband, son, and two cats.

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