I’ve always been into repurposing and reusing things. I hate to see anything go to waste that could have a great life as something new. I’ve made skirts out of sewn quilted plastic bags and I’ve done my fair share of dumpster diving. I guess there is just an old hippie lady that lives somewhere deep in my soul. I suppose the better reason for doing all those things is caring for the environment. Since we bought our house last year, we’ve been slowly making small improvements as we can. Slow and steady, right? After just surviving another Arizona summer (almost- it was 102 today), I’m not sure why I haven’t considered solar panels until just now. It just makes sense. Our electricity bills are through the roof, but with solar panels on the roof, it would block them, so that said bills would no longer be through the roof… Did you see what I unsuccessfully tried to do there? While, solar panels don’t sound nearly as fun and creative and spending endless hours quilting plastic bags into a skirt, the concept remains the same. Protecting this wonderful planet we get the pleasure of living on. Oh yeah, and saving a boat load of money in case you happen to be interested in that. (Boat Load = Lots)

So… I guess we’re all wondering how we can get this beautiful house with solar panels on it.

Turns out… I can totally help you with the solar panels, but as for the house… you’re on your own. (Let me know when you figure it out because that house is AMAZING).

My friends over at Sungevity are ready and willing to help you get some of those sweet panels all to yourself so you can save money on your electricity bill and lower your dependence on scarce, expensive fossil fuels. You can head over there for a personalized quote. The’ll be sure to find a program that works best for your budget, home, lifestyle, etc..

Since, they’re so cool, they’re also offering up a pretty sweet deal for you to get started with your own solar panels. You can get $500 off all solar systems for customers who choose to go solar in September! Offer ends September 30, 2014.*

In case you live in la la land and have no idea what day it is, the 30th is only a few short days away, so you better get on the phone… now!

Visit  Sungevity’s website today for your quote and to get started. Be sure to send me pictures so I can see those sweet panels.





*Enter “BLOG500” (all caps) in the Referral Code field for the discount. This offer is non-transferrable and cannot be combined with any other Sungevity offers or promotions. Offer expires September 30, 2014.

This post is sponsored by Sungevity, but the opinions (and sass) are all mine.