I have this problem where I have all kinds of crazy expectations around holidays. I always want it to be this amazing time, but sometime it never ends up being that great and I feel cheated out of my holiday. Silly, I know. This 4th of July felt different though. I was really content to just be us three. We did a little shopping and hung around the house. Then I made us some great margaritas, we grilled some bratwursts, and then finished it all of with some pie and sparklers while we watched fireworks from our backyard. Harvey fell asleep early, but we woke him up to watch the fireworks. He was really into it. He stared at the sky for a while and was obviously amused by the sparklers. Then he I fed him and he fell right back to sleep. I went to bed myself feeling satisfied with the way we spent the day. I suppose I’m working on having realistic expectations for myself and just enjoying the moment. I hope your holiday was wonderful and exactly what you wanted.