In an effort to connect you all to more causes and inspire you to find ways to be change and do good, I’m creating regular non-profit highlights. I’m hoping these will share the heart and work behind incredible organizations that are doing important work all over the globe.

There has been so much polarized debate around the topic of refugees, but I can’t shy away from talking about it. I’m angered and saddened by the recent executive orders banning refugees of seven countries to resettle in the United States. I’m angered and saddened by the widespread effect that this has had on  organizations doing good work to help families escape persecution and find a safe haven in this country. I’m angered and saddened by the spike in divisive rhetoric and hate crimes that I’ve even seen take place blocks from my home. I’m angered and saddened that good people are giving in to ideal that we’re more different than we are the same.

This is a hot button issue for many people, but I’m not opening this up for debate, political or otherwise. Sometimes the work that advocacy does is political in nature and it’s impossible to separate from it, but for now, I’m just going to rest in sharing an organization that is making a monumental difference in the lives of people who are in need.

There are many organizations that I could have chosen and many who work with refugees all over the United States, but I felt like I needed to bring this one to light. The people who are fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq need more resources and help to create space for people to thrive under the weight of unimaginable hardships. Preemptive Love Coalition is an organization I’ve had my eye on for a while and when Bonnie Lewis mentioned it in her podcast episode, I knew that I had to highlight the great work they’re doing for refugees and vulnerable people. Then I had the honor of interviewing Diana Oestreich, on our podcast about her work there. It’s no secret that I love this organization.

Preemptive Love Coalition provides relief to families fleeing war, and help refugees rebuild their lives in Syria and Iraq. I hope that we can spread their message and even raise some money. I’ve set up a very special fundraiser for Chicks Who Give a Hoot with a $500 goal. I know that this goal is completely obtainable. You can make an impact.

More about Preemptive Love Coalition:

I was really drawn to their core values as an organization, which is a big reason why I chose them. Here they are:


Yes, we all have our own politics. Yes, we have our own religion. Love anyway. Step out across enemy lines and embrace conflict rather than run. Your love has the ability to transcend guilt, shame, and indifference. Wrap your arms around those you fear, and invite others to do the same.


Presence matters. Whether it’s in the middle of a conversation, conflict zone, or operating room; love shows up. Healing happens when we choose to bring our whole self into the conflict including our own fears, doubts, and biases (yes, we all have them). Ask questions, risk failure, be heard. Just don’t hide.


Peace, healing, and sustainable change only happen when we allow others to own their future. Getting out of the way means taking a step back after we show up so that others can stand on their own. Look past yourself. Step back and consider the bigger picture, and pass on the baton.

*All photos courtesy of Preemptive Love Coalition


My hope is that you’ll embrace the fact that we belong to each other, every human life matters, and we’re more alike than we are different. Join me as we support this incredible organization. Here’s how: