We made a little trip out to Oklahoma to visit my dad for his big milestone birthday. The best part was that he had no idea we were coming or that there was even going to be a party. Keeping secrets like that is really hard. We started making plans several months ago and I was as involved as I could be. Remember the invitations that I designed? The theme was “old people.” I’m not sure I have ever really seen that as a party theme before, but we pulled it off. We even had wilted, old flowers as centerpieces on each of the tables and props like wheelchairs, walkers and potty chairs.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the party.

He was super surprised to see us!

Dad sitting on his “throne”

We asked the guests to dress up like old people and this couple went as far as to swap roles. The lady dressed like an old man and the gentleman dressed like an old woman.

Sean and I took this opportunity very seriously.

We even had the photobooth up so people could pose with the walker and wheelchair.


We gave out a prize to the best costume at the end of the party. The winner was clear.

We had such a great time being out there and seeing family. More OK posts to come later this week.