I love to throw a good party. I love the planning, the list making, and the excitement as people start to gather. I’ve known for a while that I wanted to throw Harvey a pretty great first birthday party at our house. Once I decided on the monster theme, the fun really started. Fun, also known as work. Lots of work. SO, when people offered up their help, I accepted gladly. Our parents showed up in a big way and lifted a tremendous amount of weight off of our shoulders without sacrificing the fun and creative elements that are so important to me. I delegated projects and everyone came through in a big way. We had monster sandwiches, Oreo pops, and even monster cut outs for photos. Everything was perfect! Having our friends and family come surround us as we celebrate this huge milestone made for the perfect day. It’s the best feeling when all the people who you personally love and have build relationships with, love your baby too. When we all sang Happy Birthday to him, my heart melted. I just kept thinking, this is me. I’m a parent and I’m throwing a birthday party for my baby. I looked at him and I was so happy to have this moment and memory. I tucked it away for safe keeping. I know that Harvey felt happy and loved and because of that, the party was more than I could ever have imagined or asked for.