I’m a puddle of mush.

I’m a puddle of mush because today is the day. Today Harvey turns one year old. I’ve been thinking a ton about the past year, as I suppose most mom’s do on their baby’s first birthday and probably every birthday that follows. I’m trying to really wrap my brain around where the last year has gone because along with bringing a brand new human into our family, we’ve also had new jobs and tons of other crazy waters to navigate. Of course, the biggest was learning to be a parent and I’m still learning. I suppose I’ll be learning how to do this every day from here on out. That’s what I signed up for but I’m thrilled to sit here a year out from his birth and say that while I know I haven’t got it all figured out and I anticipate that everything will continue to change all the time and I still plan on calling my mom all the time with questions… I feel like I’m doing pretty well. I’m not perfect, but at the end of the day, we have an amazing well loved kid.

Speaking of this well loved kid… he’s the best. His laugh is contagious and his recently developed cheeky grin is hilarious. He’s tenacious and stubborn. He’s busy and independent. He loves people and always lets the dog lick his face. He’s smart and observant. He’s silly and loves to look at pictures of himself. He loves to wrestle daddy and snuggle mommy. He plays well with others and has no problem eating. He loves music and to him, everything is a drum. He loves dance parties in the living room and he can’t stand to be stuck in the house all day.  I’ve loved him a little more each day and while this past year has been challenging it has also been the most amazing of any year I’ve lived so far.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. I love you to the moon and back.