Cleo Barnett is a producer, curator and artist born in New Zealand and based in Brooklyn, New York.  In solidarity with her international networks, Cleo’s work creates space for community building. This manifests in the form of public art campaigns, festivals, exhibitions, and immersive installations. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a masters in Art and Public Policy and she currently serves as the Program Director for The Amplifier Foundation.

I first heard about the Amplifier Foundation when they released their ‘We The People’ campaign and I was immediately onboard. Art is something that holds a really special place in my life and I would consider it one of my top causes. I’m inspired by the power of art, especially in public spaces.

In this episode, Cleo is sharing more about the power of art to inspire action and create conversations. She’s giving us insight into her role as a curator and how Amplifier Foundation created a movement in a divisive time in American politics.

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