In case you missed it, I’m counting down the days until Christmas by trying frantically to smash all my holiday crafting and making into the last few days. Why, because I’m out of my mind. Also, I’ve missed creating so much and I just haven’t had the time to work on any projects, so I thought I’d take advantage of my extended winter leave from my day to day and get my hands (and my house) dirty. By dirty, I mean covered in glitter.

So… On to the next craft I managed to sneak in.

I have a wreath for my front door, but so does everyone else. My wreath was also looking a bit, well… terrible. I really thought of revamping it, but I just couldn’t get excited about it. I’ve been seeing a few moss signs floating around the ever-loved Pinterest so I thought that would be the solution to my lackluster front door.

In true rushed fashion, I was finishing this project in the evening time (way past sunset and any hope for great photo light) therefore, this post lacks the expected process photos. You get what you get, okay? Hope you’ll settle for an attempt at written instructions.

You’ll need:

Moss Sheets

Card stock

Christmas Burlap

A Pre-arranged Decor Piece (or you could totally make and arrange your own) 

Craft wire

Hot Glue Gun

Fake snow in a can

Here’s what I did:

First I measured my door and cut the burlap to the desired length, taking in consideration a bit extra for hanging over the door. Next, I attached the pre arranged decor piece to the burlap using some craft wire. I also wanted to note that I added the red berries to the arrangement as I thought it really needed some red to bring in the red from the burlap and tie it all together. I attached those with hot glue. Next, I drew out the letters on card stock, cut them out and then glued them to moss sheets. Once they’re attached, I cut out the moss letters.  I really liked the moss look, but it seemed a bit less winter than I was hoping. I sprayed a bit of the fake snow from a can over the top of my letters. I really only needed a small amount to get the effect without covering all the green. Next, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the letters directly to the burlap. See… it was super simple.

A few things to note:

1. Measure twice, cut once. Those moss sheets aren’t the cheapest thing at the craft store, so be sure to cut your letters out on a card stock first, glue the moss to those, and then cut them out. I considered winging it and I’m happy I didn’t.

2.. How are you going to hang it? I realized that my over the door wreath hanger was being occupied in another room and so I had to rethink how it was going to stay put.

I hope all of that made sense.

This really was a simple project and didn’t take long, but I love the effect it has on the front of the house and I love that you can see it from the street.

Have you done any front yard decor? Have you ever done anything on your front door besides a wreath?