Chicks Who Give a Hoot Podcast Form

Welcome to the Chicks Who Give a Hoot podcast. Each week I’m inspiring creative women to use their collective power for good by highlighting women who care about the world around them. 

We’ve all heard the age old question, ‘what do women want,’ but we want to know: 

  • What do women care about? 
  • What issues call them to action and what platforms do they scream from the rooftops? 

Through these interviews with inspiring women, we get a peek into the humanity that they contribute to and we get access to resources that mobilize us to get involved. 

We hope to encourage the next generation of philanthropists so we can all become Chicks Who Give a Hoot.

Are you a compassionate lady who cares about the world around you? Do you have advice and resources that can get more women engaged and invested in giving back? Do you champion a cause, volunteer for a great organization, run a non-profit, or even give part of the proceeds in your business to a worthy charity? If so, we want to hear from you.

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