Some of my co op basket bananas were going bad and we have been eating bananas like crazy around here. There are only so many bananas two people can eat. Without wanting them to be trash soon, I opted to make some banana bread. While I like to cook, I tend to stay away from baking and other seemingly intimidating cooking adventures. Also, many of those kinds of recipes are loaded with sugar and tons of butter… Yikes.

I found a recipe in one of my cookbooks, but decided to swap out a few of the ingredients.

Instead of using sugar, I used Stevia. It is a natural no calorie sweetener and there is not any aspertame. I replaced the butter with Smart Balance Buttery Spread (not pictured) and I also used gluten free flour.

Bake for one hour on 350 and you have yummy bread.

I really should give myself more credit, because this was so super yummy.